Making real world learning cool in schools

Last year, I saw Jason Kimberley of Cool Australia speak at an Entrepreneurs&Co event in Melbourne. I hadn’t heard of the organisation before, but I was sold straight away.

Cool Australia is a NFP organisation that creates lesson plans and learning modules which school teachers can download, that educate kids about environmental (among other) issues, through hands-on activities and projects. So basically, it’s great for the teachers because it saves them time in creating lesson plans, and it’s awesome for the world because kids are being taught massively important lessons in a way that is engaging and memorable. And kids will one day be the ones running the show.

The environment is something I spend heaps of time discussing with people, and there are many factors that need to be considered – financial and political situation of the country in question, waste management infrastructure and recycling capabilities, industry standards and regulation, incentives for business and individuals etc etc.. But I still believe that the biggest issue, the root of the cause, is education (or lack thereof). Too many people don’t know and won’t be going out of their way to find out.

Children are sponges though, they are all about learning and finding out. This is where we need to be focusing some more energies. It’s crazy that the people who are charged with education and partially raising society’s next leaders are some of the most under-paid and under-supported workers we have. Without even getting started on the failings of the current education system… Could we be creating more resources for them in the way of Cool Australia? Could organisations like Cool Australia help to re-shape the curriculum for the better? I am keen to discuss!

Get amongst

Cool Australia is a NFP organisation and relies on funding from partners and donations. Find out how you can get involved by donating, volunteering or becoming a corporate partner here.


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