Small changes, big impacts

It was a wee while ago that I stumbled across this ingenious project somewhere on the internets. The Unfuckers are a creative duo based in Sydney who are on the same page as me when it comes to the merits of design and marketing for spreading a good message.

Every week, the Unfuckers post one thing you could change in your day-to-day that would, if we all jumped on the same boat, collectively make a big impact on the world (for example, taking shorter showers). The suggestion for change is backed up by facts and numbers to reassure even the biggest eco-skeptics how much of an impact a small move like this could have  (an average ten minute shower wastes around 75–190 litres of water, and so on). Not to mention they have absolutely nailed it with the tone/design/photography/all the things, which makes their stuff a delight to peruse… I can’t even.

Unfuckering is easy ways in which you can reduce your environmental impact, nicely categorised into things you can do when food shopping, when you’re out and about, in the kitchen, at work and around the house. Which is awesome because one of the things I find about this whole we-are-killing-the-planet thing is that, for most people, it just seems too hard to change. It feels like you are only one person and it won’t make any difference, but that’s part of the problem – our helplessness leads to inertia, leads to nothing changing.

We need to embrace our collective power in numbers and get amongst doing what we can do, wherever we are, to make things better. The Unfuckers are nailing it, and so should you. Head over to their website, like their Facebook page and buy one of their tote bags (I’ve been stopped on the street several times for photos of my bag, legit way to start up new constructive conversations with strangers and spread the message), and be one step closer to Unfucking the world.



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