If you know me, you know that I am always harping on about the fact that there are so many issues in the world that we need to address and that, I feel, the government and other ruling powers are not doing enough about. Mainly, in my own view, due to the failings of a hyper-capitalist economic system that champions profit (ultimately leading to greed), above all else.

When I started my degree in Graphic Design, I liked the concept that design is at its base, a tool to communicate messages to a large amount of people. I liked the power that marketing had to captivate and convince (sic, manipulate) people. If the commercial world could use it to brainwash us into a myriad of unnecessary bullshit such as, but not limited to: needing to buy all of the clothing/cosmetic/electronics/etc, believing that taking prescription medications is the answer to our health issues, meanwhile thinking that milk/meat/low fat/processed foods/etc were healthy, swaying our political opinions, and convincing us we have to look and behave certain way to be considered ‘cool’ or even ‘normal’, among many, many other things that are simply not true but believed by millions because someone knew they could cash in big time…. then it wouldn’t be too hard to use the same vehicle to spread important messages and effect positive change.

There is a gaping lack of awareness about countless issues that will ultimately decide the fate of our collective future. We need to turn this around… public awareness campaigns, events, courses on the reality of the situation we are in and what we can do about it? To me, these things should bear more importance in our society than selling wasteful products with questionable origins with the sole purpose of making financial profit.

I thought I would never work in advertising. I thought I was going to use graphic design to start a global revolution.

Obviously I did end up working in marketing, and obviously I haven’t (yet), started a global revolution. And there are many great organisations that have gotten far further along the journey than I have (in fact, you could say I haven’t even begun). There are many conscious organisations and businesses that are now being driven by purpose above profit and my intention during the next year of travelling the world is to seek out, get to know, learn from and document as many of these as I can. I’m hoping this information gathering will lead me to being able to identify my own path to helping to change things for the better.